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The passion for wine starts from sunshine and ends up in a cellar with the fragrance of grapes.

From the beginning of its activity, Cantiere TriPlok is passionately dedicated to the production of precious quality wines, through the estate Tenuta degli Angeli,.
The push to encourage the spread of wine culture has resulted in the commercialization of dedicated products at our Shop Wine&Garden, thus perpetuating the tradition of Cavalier Severo Testa, considered to be a true pioneer in the wine industry in the Bergamo region.

Started in the early seventies with the intention of offering a complete service to winemakers, the store occupies an area of 1000 square meters and offers a wide range of equipment and products for grapes cultivation, production, wine making and cellar furniture. Through time , Wine&Garden was enriched with articles for olive growing, beekeeping and beer production, becoming the point of reference for the whole Bergamo region.


The art of tasting


Wine glasses, decanters, essences are fundamental tools to thoroughly assess the quality of a good product.

Only true connoisseurs and the great sommeliers can truly appreciate the art of wine tasting, and in our store they will be able to find the best products to do so. Decanters, essences, cups and caps come from the best brands, but they are also accompanied by the excellent wine produced by our family.

lab Wine&Garden not only offers an extensive range of products, but also specialist services for growing your vineyard or olive grove and for the production of wine or oil : dedicated agronomists and winemakers will be available to advise you..

Wine&Garden also conducts tests for sensory analysis of wine, oil, distillates and spirits: the Laboratory to which the shop refers operates in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 and produces tests in accordance with the international wine law ( OIV – Organisation Internationale de la vigne et du vin) , performing periodic calibrations and verifications (such as the Ring Test) in order to constantly keep monitored the quality sorriso of the data produced.

The Laboratory operates with specialists in winemaking, agronomy, chemistry and food technology: with expertise and experience gained through years of business, they provide trade certification, quality control, consultancy, research and technical assistance.
Since technical assistance is an area of extreme importance for Wine&Garden, each customer is followed with dedication and care, to provide a competent and professional service. Any wine problem is analyzed and successfully fixed.


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Vine Cultivation and Wine Production
1-vino-viteOur passion for the wine business not only appears in the way we are committed in Tenuta degli Angeli, dedicated to the esteemed vineyards of Valcalepio, and the production of quality wines. In our Wine&Garden store you will find in fact the best product brands dedicated to cultivation of vine, grape harvest, wine production and bottling.
These include:
Steel Barrels Ghidi ®
Wooden presses F.lli Marchisio SpA ®
Ferrari Group Products for wine treatment: filtering, washing, decanting; taps and every item for product packaging.

Olive groves cultivation and olive oil production

At Wine&Garden you will find all the necessary items to olive growing and oil production. From the necessary treatments and accessories for cultivation (rakes, nets, pesticides, etc..) to the most advanced technical instrumentation, you will have everything you need to produce a high quality oil: filters, stainless steel tanks, milk, bottles and caps for packaging, as well as cruets and accessories to enhance the presentation of your product.

Beer production
3-birraSelf production of a good beer can be very simple, especially when the right tools and ingredients are available! At Wine&Garden you will find everything you need to produce high quality beer – together with the advice of our competent staff, available with all the necessary information to get an outstanding product. At the store you can buy Coopers malts, complete kits for the production, accessories (sugar-dose-out instruments, thermometers, spoons for beer, yeast, etc.). Furthermore, everything you need for packaging (bottles, caps and much more ). Also, do not forget to check the download area of our website: you will find many interesting recipes for the production of an excellent beer.
4-apicolturaAmong the products of our homeland, honey deserves special attention. At the Wine & Garden shop you will find everything you need for beekeeping: jars for honey, hives and accessories. Contact us for more information.
Garden and Orchard
5-ortoAt the shop we have everything you need for garden and orchard care and management: pesticides, seeds, tools, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, professional pruning shears are just some of the many products available in our catalog.
6-conserveWine&Garden offers a wide range of products for the treatment of jams, conserves, juices, liquors: from extraction and drying of juices to packaging (jars and caps of all types).

Thanks to the process of drying, products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, spices and herbs, can be conveniently stored for long time in airtight glass jars or in special paper bags. Wine&Garden offers dryers of different sizes and quality, and our staff will advise you on the best one for your needs.

The House

At the Wine&Garden shop you will find an area dedicated to the Provencal house: dishes, fabrics, furnishings, to create elegant and picturesque atmospheres, luxurious and attentive to detail settings.

We have the best products Côté Table, Luxe Lodge and Mathilde.